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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time Please Don't Fly

It was a big family dinner to celebrate my uncle's birthday. We celebrated it at Table8. We didn't eat buffet but tried the ala-carte frenzy. *whatever the name is* This post gonna full of family's picts.
When we gathering as a big family, it's the right time to share and talk about your life, business, romance with each other. I'm kinda afraid if 3 years later or maybe 10 years later, family event like this will be so difficult to hold.
I lose many of my family member in last 3 years. Sometmes life isn't as long as the highwayroad.


Start it with the appetizer. Wait i think this one wasn't the first appetizer. Hmmm.. Too many foods that day, let me count...............they served us about 11 kind of meals. Fuckin' full that night! But of course we were so happy lahhhh..

With my cousins. Our happy youth! LOL
Seriously at some moment in the future we'll be an adult and everything will be so different from now. OH! i hate changes, i hate growing old!

Like usual, my narccistic photo :D

End this post with the dessert! Yeaaa, i didn't took alot of my meal that night. I concentrated on enjoying the food. Hahahhaa

Can't write more, my head so dizzy and fuzzy. My laptop screen is all PINK!! Even can't do a photoshop, because all PINK.



Shanti Pranadi said...

We're here.. Looking forward for your next post :)

Francesca♥Dellacroix said...
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Francesca♥Dellacroix said...

Can't wait for your new post ;)

janet said...

it's nice to have family gathering like you've done. :)
you look pretty on that dress!

Ivy Sie said...

omg, you're so pretty!!
nice dress :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had so much fun!
it's always nice to see a family gathering pics like these :)
looking great in the black dress!

btw, i wonder have we exchanged links? would love to if haven't

Castor Pollux