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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom's BIRTHDAY!! part 1

Yesterday was my mom's birthday by Lunar calendar.
I love you so much

Actually yesterday, i started it with meeting with my boss. We had an appointment to assistance my job.
Okay, i forget to tell that i already found an office to do my internship. My internship is kind of freelance one. So i'm not necessary to work in the office. I can do all my job eveywhere, and do assistance every week.

So yesterday, i started the day with doing assistance at Pluit Junction. And then i moved to Empo because i should looking for my mom's birthday gift.
Of course with fatty huppie acompanied me.

Setelah mencari cari (back to indonesian~~~), akhir nya memutuskan buat membeli card holder Braun Buffel. Karena budget nya terbatas, akhir nya beli model yang satu itu.
(Picture update soon)

Ternyata oh ternyata, mom dan sist dah di Empo juga. Kebetulan sekali.
So we had a birthday dinner at Kiyadon.

Dessert!! Sour Sally Shaved Ice

Zhu Ning Shen Ri Kuai Le

I did some random shoot yesterday.

Waiting, Drawing, and BB-ing

Tried another tools on my camera. I just found it that the brightness can be adjusted.

My Drawing Stuffs
pensil 2B, pensil ctek ctek. penggaris moore (i don't know how to spell it), sketch book..

Did mobile AD

Peek a Boo

I love my nails ;p

What I Wore

Pinky Me
Actually i thin pink isn't my colour. But i gave it a try.
Look nice, huh?


piping said...

heyy! thanks for commenting on my blog! happy belated birthday to ur mom! i love ur pink top as well! hihihi


Sai Sai said...

hi..thanks for dropping by,Boracay is one of the famous beaches here in the Philippines lots of foreigners come there to have a beautiful summer tan..

keep in touch!

-sai sai

fhen said...

happy birthday to your mom!
the pink blouse looks great on you


Anonymous said...

nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

kiss from germany ;*)