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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Happy Pills

photo from here
eng ing eng!!
I took my homework from miss Lia. its about SIX THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY!!

ONE. Of Course all my closest people around me donk...My families (of course include my father in heaven), my friends, my huppie..They are the peoples that always be with me all the time..LUV LUV LUV U ALL!! Gak ada kalian gak ada gw yg sekarang...hohoho..

TWO. I always have a tought that i not gonna make my life full of problems...Apapun yg bikin gw ga kenyang n bikin g ga senang ga bakal lolos seleksi msk otak gw..Who said life is easy?? It's not easy so i always make my self not to think hard bout it.. Tomorrow's sun still rise..^^..

THREE. MALL!!! i love to go to the mall..i like to be in the crowd..i like seeing so many peoples..I just luv it so much..Even i just sitting in the corner..But i just like it..And make me happy..I hate get bored..

FOUR. After mall ofcourse shopping is the best thing..Gw suka banget ngeliat anything bout fashion..Dimana pun gw berada seneng bgt msk2 shop..Dan merupakan kebahagian kalo g berhasil mendapatkannya..PUASS!!

FIVE. Watching movies..By dvd or in the theater..Anykind of movie..hehehe..And sleep!!

SIX. My dream to be successful person..I have so much dream..And thinking that i want all my dream come true can make me happy..^^..

and I will tag jessica. barbie. angelcuckoo . stefanie . yofany and of course all of you, my happy pills. copy it and take it to your blog :)


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